How to setup your camper trailer

Setting up the camper trailer:

  • Check ground for any sharp objects
  • Remove cover and place green ground sheet to the side of the camper
  • Remove annex and privacy screens
  • Release catches under the bed base and lift bed base up
  • Pull tent over
  • Pull bed base back down and secure latches
  • Open kitchen tailgate and secure latch
  • Enter tent area
  • Extend poles and tighten thumb screws
  • Climb onto bed, extend poles and tighten thumb screws
  • Peg tent and swing down rear leg supports

Setting up the annex:

  • Zip the annex roof to the camper trailer
  • Place roof the spreader bar (with hooked end) into the camper trailer vertical roof support (found at the highest point of the tent) and onto an annex pole
  • Insert the remaining annex poles into the annex roof eyelets and secure with spring ropes and pegs
  • Place walls onto annex roof and zip together
  • Open door & roll up and use Velcro straps to hold
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